• The Ups and Downs of being an Entrepreneur

    As with most things in life being an entrepreneur will have its ups and downs. Here’s some examples of the advantages and disadvantages you can expect, when opting to take the plunge as an entrepreneur.

    The Advantages

    One big advantage of being a successful entrepreneur is the freedom that it brings, though, before you start, you should ensure that you have enough savings to cushion you from any financial setbacks. As an entrepreneur you’ll have the luxury of working hours that suit you, and working for an unpleasant boss will be a thing of the past.

    Being an entrepreneur is certainly a challenge, and it’s something that will appeal to someone who thrives on the responsibility of making important decisions. As an entrepreneur, one of the most rewarding aspects can be knowing that you have achieved success through your own efforts – and not as unappreciated member of a team. Also, for someone frustrated in their current job, especially when seeing decisions being made that are clearly the wrong ones, then the desire to work for oneself can become stronger as a consequence.

    The Disadvantages

    The disadvantages of being an entrepreneur can include having to sort problems out on your own. One of these problems can be getting bogged down with paperwork. You can hire an accountant to help you, but then you have to determine whether the time saved is worth it, when balanced against the cost. While, if your computer develops a serious problem, or your Internet connection is unavailable, then resolving those problems is down to you either calling an expert or trying to fix the problem yourself. Consequently, when there’s no work colleagues to help you, being an entrepreneur can seem stressful and problems can take up much of your day trying to deal with.

    For someone who becomes an entrepreneur after many years of working with others, the change can be difficult to adjust to. Being an entrepreneur can seem lonely, notably for a person who is single, when there’s now no one to talk to.

    The Positive Nature Of The Entrepreneur

    However, for an entrepreneur they will tend to see mainly positives. Indeed, their being positive would have been a significant reason for possibly giving up a good job in the first place. The personal satisfaction of being successful on one’s own is enormous, and will normally outweigh the disadvantages of becoming an entrepreneur.

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  • Natalie
    28th Aug 2016

    Really good article Krissy and great to see you doing well 😉

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