• Business Goal Ideas for 2022

    A new year gives businesses the chance to reflect on how they have adapted to the challenges of the past year.

    As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve learned that the start of the year is a great time to set business goals and reimagine products, services, and operational processes. This is even more important now as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to revisit their business plans and adopt flexible models quite literally overnight.

    In a previous blog, I gave a step-by-step guide to setting time-bound business goals and objectives. This time, we start the actual goal-setting process by looking at 5 important business objectives you can set for 2022.

    1. Capture Greater Market Share

    Now more than ever, business owners have to leverage every tool at their disposal to reach their profit goals and keep their business alive.

    One way you can optimize your sales strategy is by revisiting your ideal client profile, unique selling propositions, as well as the issues that will likely drive customer decisions. While firms in all sectors reported a dramatic decline in sales as a result of COVID-19, the global pandemic has also provided an opportunity to rethink not only what you’re offering, but more importantly, how you’re selling them.

    2. Maximize Automation Opportunities

    Technology can play an important role in boosting team efficiency and ROI. By automating processes, businesses can reduce operating costs and increase productivity and performance.

    This year, try discovering areas in your business that you can automate. After all, there is software for almost all processes nowadays, from billing and inventory management to bookkeeping and customer service. Not only does automation help lower the risk of manual errors, it also frees up your staff’s schedules so they can focus on other important tasks.

    3. Boost Revenue from New Products and Services

    COVID-19 has created lifestyle shifts that resulted in new markets, new customer needs, and new sales prospects.

    For instance, today’s consumers are more attracted to brands that care about their staff and clients’ health, safety, and well-being. This made cashless and contactless commerce widely popular. In fact, many restaurants and retail stores are introducing contact-free digital payments and pickup and delivery services for greater safety and convenience.

    As COVID-19 disrupts global supply chains, more customers are choosing to support local and environmentally friendly suppliers and shops. As a result, companies are beginning to diversify their suppliers and offer more eco-friendly and sustainable goods.

    During the pandemic, it’s normal to discover that some of your products or services may not be relevant to your customers’ needs anymore, while others may be more essential than ever. It’s important to re-evaluate where your offerings stand in the market so you can adjust your strategy accordingly and exceed your sales targets.

    4. Increase Community Outreach

    Community outreach humanizes your brand and shows that your company cares about making the world a better place. It improves how customers perceive your brand which in turn, helps build loyalty and sales.

    Modern consumers care deeply about what a business stands for. In fact, a study says that 9 in 10 global citizens would stop supporting a brand that has shown irresponsible behavior.

    Meanwhile, 59% of Americans are more inclined to buy a product associated with a non-profit-corporate partnership. Businesses that display their ethics and show a commitment to the community are more likely to attract conversions and leave a positive impression on customers.

    Whether you’re a small business that volunteers to local causes or a large firm helping the community through sponsorships, local outreach helps create brand awareness and lets you connect with potential leads and partners.

    5. Prioritize Workplace Culture

    Building a positive company culture is a great way to welcome the new year. Employees that feel inspired, engaged, and appreciated at work tend to perform better and be more productive.

    As businesses face tight labor market trends ahead, a supportive and healthy workplace culture is key to attracting and retaining top talent. Consider surveying your team members on what changes they wish to see in your company culture.

    Drive Business Success in 2022 and Beyond

    Even though the economy has tightened amid the global pandemic, it doesn’t mean there aren’t new opportunities that lie ahead. Successful businesses know that business growth starts with setting goals that are measurable, realistic, and clearly defined. The right goals will give your business direction, motivate employees, and keep you accountable.

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